Another milestone has arrived for OnMap platform – Integration of OnMap platform and Unity3D. 3D visualization is powered by game engine to improve user experience and GIS/IoT is fed using OnMap platform (SOA) to provide meaning and real-time data.

In the previous version of the client-side solution, we have implemented the front-endĀ application with pure HTML5+WebGL technologies, which focuses more on GIS functionalities.

However, as users’ requirements for better visualization effect and even better performance grows, we need to re-balance the 3D visualization and functionalities. Many users may not need very complicated functionaries but require more smooth and vivid 3D visual experience. To satisfy the needs of this set of user group, we have integrated Unity with OnMap platform. In this version of client-sideĀ solution, we have implemented a game-like app to give users a gaming style experience, but in the meantime, we also provide practical GIS and real-time IoT data via rest services in the game environment. By taking advantage of the power of game engine in 3D visualization and performance and the power of GIS and IoT in geospatial data management and analysis, this implementation can expose most GIS functionalities along with enhanced visual and operation experience to end users.

We will maintain both the front end application solutions. The previous solution developed with pure HTML5+WebGL technologies will be serving users with intensive GIS needs and this new solution will be used to serve more public users.

Here is a demo of the application using data provided by Unity and OnMap: