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Imagine having all of your big data served up anywhere, anytime – even massive GIS, BIM, and IoT intelligence – with every bit & byte transformed into a comprehensive visual experience custom designed to reveal eye-opening insights, strategies, and solutions often lost to distant & disconnected facilities, operations, and personnel.


OnMap is the most powerful “anywhere-anytime” spatial data visualization & management platform on the market – seamlessly integrating & transforming any size or kind of spatial data into the most comprehensive & eye-opening actionable intelligence available. Something you’re probably not interested in. But if you like saving time & money, and increasing your data efficiency, please keep reading…

What We Do

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It's in the Sauce

Powered by our top secret “algorithm-sauce”, OnMap transforms the biggest of big data into its leanest, most agile self. A bit of coding magic that makes it possible for us to bring all of your data together in one safe place, and arm you with an unrivaled set of tools, capabilities & customizations that bring the most comprehensive & precise intel to your fingertips.

Our algorithm is like the Keto Diet for big-boned data – essentially shredding, deconstructing, and reconstituting it. But don’t worry. It’s been carefully engineered to safeguard every bit & byte that matters while simplifying and reducing all the non-essential ‘extra weight’ and is the key to how we make large volumes of data easier and faster to load, integrate, view, search, analyze, and share.

To get specific, if you have say…  250 gigs of spatial data  to work with, OnMap’s special data-diet transformation shrinks it so you’re not paying for, wasting, or bogging down 250 gig of storage or bandwidth.

Immersive Visualization

Our one-of-a-kind platform – with it’s supercharged “data-diet” & integration system (see below) – gives you the power to bring together 2-D, 3-D, and Real-time maps, videos, real-time intel and internet connected smart devices for the most data-rich visual environments available.

Seamless Integration

The backbone and real workhorse behind OnMap’s unique features and capabilities is its ability to integrate into one system any type of data at all kinds of enormous sizes (terabytes), including GIS, BIM and internet connected smart devices (a.k.a ‘IoT devices’), and more.

Penetrating Search & Analysis

Armed with cutting edge A.I., our hyper-intelligent search tools are data seeking missiles that search-and-deploy the most on point queries. No worry about data types or search engines. Just search and find. Then analyze at will – digging & dissecting to uncover priceless insights hiding in your data.

Collaborate & Connect As One

With a suite of tools uniquely designed for collaboration and a lightweight Progressive Web App, you’ll always be connected to your intel and synchronized and powerful collaboration among teams of all shapes, sizes, and distances is just about guaranteed.

Customize Widgets: DIY or Pro

Your needs are as valuable and special to us as your data. That’s why we offer a whole host of widgets designed to make it fast & easy to customize OnMap to meet your unique needs and challenges – in-house or with the help of one of our specialists.

"Data-Tight" Security

We know how important your data is to you. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to devise so many ways to help you maximize its value. And why maintaining your data’s security is our highest priority. With OnMap you can work – and rest – assured knowing that it will never be lost, compromised, or stolen.

Immersive Visualization

How’d you like to find yourself immersed in the most data rich visual environment you’ve ever seen – a place where the intel & insights you need practically jump right out at you? We can take you there with our unique capacity to integrate & display 2-D & “real” 3-D GIS (not 2.5-D) data alongside massive, optically precise intel like BIM “digital-twins”, live real-time video, internet connected smart devices (‘IoT devices’), and more.Our 3-D models are not flat like google – it’s real 3-D – meaning you can zoom in, go inside, and explore as if you were inside an exact digital replica of the real world.

  • Seamlessly view between different scale levels, from global, city, building and room views all the way to interior and subterranean spaces… and the data living (and hiding) in there
  • Browser-based massive 3D data loading technology
  • Automated LOD for all 3D data
  • Streamlined BIM Data simplification process
  • Virtual Reality ready immersion experience

Seamless Integration

We believe the most intelligent data has the freedom to meet, mingle, explore and work with other data. That’s why we’ve broken the data silo – and made it easy for you to bring together various kind and enormous (terabytes) amounts of data into one system, including GIS, BIM and internet connected smart devices (‘Internet of Things’ a.k.a ‘IoT devices’), and more.

  • No need to switch between different data platforms to access different data.
  • Ensured data consistency so all types can play and work together nicely.
  • Real-time data collection immediately pushed to Admin and users.
  • Any IoT data can be visualized in various views
  • Stream any video from multiple sources
  • All data formatted according to unified & consistent standards – greatly reducing the need for human intervention and the potential costs, errors, and waste of resources.

Penetrating Search & Analysis

The Spatial enabled search engine designed for enterprise search that connects, finds and delivers 1000+ data formats. Empowered by AI technology, OnMap Big data platform is capable of providing real-time, short-term and long-term statistics report based on BIM + GIS + IoT data to optimize the decision-making process.

  • Universal “Identify” tools simultaneously search both 2D and 3D features for faster results

  • Precision 2D and 3D measuring tools ready to equip you with deeper,  more  accurate intel

  • Standardized integration with our unique search engine and analysis tools to ensure that the underlying data can be shared without bounds. 

  • Any temporal data can be visualized according to time stamp – acting like a time machine to visualize the past, present, and future

  • An enterprise dashboard showing the Operation and Maintenance activities for all assets provides true precision asset management

Anywhere-Anytime Collaboration

OnMap’s frontend interface is a 100% browser-based Progressive Web App allowing for synchronized and powerful collaboration among teams of all shapes, sizes, and distances. In plain English, that means nothing to install with loading speeds like a regular webpage, while also being able to work offline, send and receive push notifications, and device hardware access traditionally only available to native applications. Whether you’re a far-flung field worker in a remote backwater, or stuck on an 18-hour international flight, or just caught in a data-desert in the middle of a major metropolis, we can help you get the job done…. better than ever.

  • Lightweight web-based application means no installation for end user.
  • No additional development is required to publish mobile apps directly, and all data can be viewed offline, and all features are available offline
  • Native app can be built easily for all mobile devices
  • Multiple users in multiple places can interact and synchronize views, and multiple devices can be controlled and synched to one device to lead presentations
  • No limit to the number of users who can work and collaborate at the same time
  • Data can be created and shared by all users

Custom Widgets: DIY or PRO

Our well-designed widget based platform architecture means anyone and everyone can effortlessly use and expand our platform to meet their specific needs. Of course, we are always here to offer you our expertise and experience to help you create exactly what you’re looking for at the right price. Our widgets making it cheaper, faster, and easier for 1 or 2 people to do the work of 10 to customize a similar solution. Or you can roll up your own sleeves – no much – and use our widgets to customize your own tools

  • All applications are widget-based providing a simple to customize interface
  • Plugin-free PWA architecture developed with Angular 6.X and TypeScript
  • ·      API for both 2D & 3D dynamic mapping and data

  • ·      Service oriented design allows for limitless design of data services 

  • A.I. interface ready for backend A.I. processes


Data-Tight Security & Safety

There are many vulnerabilities when it comes to data security and collaboration – the software code itself, the business logic on the backend network and client side, databases, APIs that funnel data from one place to another, individual devices and their operating systems, and all the users. Each plays an important role in data security and we’ve locked every door and nailed every window shut when it comes to safeguarding the data in our care.

  • Data can live on an intranet environment and protected by client’s firewall
  • Alternately, data can live partly or fully on our cloud web-server protected by multiple authorization and authentication methods: Basic Access Authentication, OAuth, or Single Sign-on
  • HTTPS is natively supported
  • All International data standards and transmission protocols are strictly followed

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And over the countless hours spent in pursuit of this goal, we’ve realized there’s only one way to achieve it – by helping to liberate & spread the transformative powers of geospatial big data by continuing to do good work every day and share its benefits on fair and reasonable terms with as many people as possible. 

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Officially, we are AEOSHAPE, LLC. – a Houston based tech company established in 2015, focusing on spatial analysis and location based services. After finding existing solutions on the market falling short in one way or another, we created the powerful OnMap data platform to close that gap by effectively leveraging emerging tech and products from partners in different industries and combining them to become the most powerful and complete solution around. With a tailored approach and deep expertise, we proudly power companies, ranging from oil & gas, transportation, financial and traditional IT fields, with a 100% satisfaction rating and recognition as a trusted partner.

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